The Future Of Trading And Industry Could Be In India

The Future Of Trading And Industry Could Be In India

The Future Of Trading And Industry Could Be In India

Tech companies always have a Trading and Industry Department. They develop trading software and stock trading systems to help make their employees more productive. In fact, the trading software is often the first piece of software that they sell to a company to help them create a trading system that will allow them to maximize profits from the money in their company.


In order for a company to use trading software, they first need a trading desk where people can enter the stock markets and buy and sell shares. It’s a very competitive world in which we operate today. Companies are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs and increase productivity. One way that they do this is by using cutting edge technology to help them make their job easier.


When it comes to technology, the trading and the tech industry seem to lead the way. Not long ago, I was talking to someone in a think tank who was worried that the trading room would be outsourced to India. She told me that she didn’t see that happening because of the Indian government’s track record on outsourcing. India has been one of the fastest-growing countries for outsourcing in the world. Cutting edge technology is what they’re after, she said, and she didn’t see them moving their trading room to India anytime soon. If they outsource their trading to somewhere else, how can they use the cutting edge technology that they have?


There’s a good reason why the Tech Industry is so worried about India and other countries getting the edge. It’s because of intellectual property. There are hundreds of patents and patent applications that the Tech Industry has developed and been able to bring to the market. Those are things that are not available anywhere else in the world. You might think that the Tech Industry is at the forefront of new inventions, but they also happen to be the leaders in using those inventions to protect their IP and keep it from being stolen by others.


Traders are also worried about another reason that the Trading and Industry Department won’t like to see the trading room moved to India or anywhere else. That’s the licensing fees. Traders pay a lot of money each year to hold a patent. It seems as if the Tech Industry doesn’t mind paying as much as the Software R&D departments, but they do mind paying more. If the trading room moves offshore, then the trading software developers have to move to a new country where the costs aren’t as high. The companies worry about their overheads rising, as they do with any other country, but they don’t realize that they could save a lot of money if they started selling their own software instead of having the industry buy their trading software.


We seem to have forgotten that we once sold a lot of our software programs to third parties. Our parents, in fact, did sell theirs to other countries. Some of us built it and then got an inheritance of some sort. Other people built it and then got into the IT business. Now we are working on our own trading platform and worry about outsourcing. Will the trading and industry professionals do the same thing?


It might be good for the trading and industry community if the professionals would start up a standard for trading software and call it the Technical Translation Center. Then everyone could use the same trading platform, and everyone would be happy. A standard would allow for innovation and competition. It would be good for the economy as well.


Let’s hope the US stays on good terms with its neighbors. Maybe a lot more countries will think the same way. But the US will have to play nice. They do have some of the best electrical engineers in the world. They are also very good at getting along with one another.


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