Best Trading Articles 2009 – What Were They?

Best Trading Articles 2009 – What Were They?

Best Trading Articles 2009 – What Were They?

best trading articles

What does it take to write the best trading articles for the new year? There are a lot of new traders who want to be the next Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. These people don’t really understand what it takes to be a good trader, what tactics work well, or that systems make the most money in the market. I am going to give you some new trading advice that might just change your life.


First, if you’re serious about making serious money in the stock market, you have to learn how to read the stock market charts. This is a lot harder than it was just ten years ago because the technology has gotten so good. I recommend taking a class such as the one that I used to improve my trading capital. The best trading articles for the new year contain information on technical analysis and how to use it to find potential trading opportunities. I’ll discuss the importance of technical analysis with the famous George Soros.


You can’t learn how to trade the stock market without learning about the price action. There are no secrets to picking excellent stocks by tracking the price action of a security. There is a free program called Stockspark that can help you track trends and develop winning trades. If you have a free period, you should look through some of the more active stock market blogs. The two that I like the best are Doubling Stocks and NetVibes.


The first thing you need to learn when you’re trading penny stocks is how to pick out good companies rather than bad ones. The goal of these stock market blogs is to help you know which companies will actually pay off in the future. If you’re able to tell me exactly which penny stocks to invest in, I’m sure you would beat the market every time.


You can also find great trading articles about technical analysis of iron condors on these sites. Iron Condors is a high flying penny stock that is due for a big run. You should stay on top of this stock. Don’t expect the price to stay low forever, it will. You should buy long before the price gets too low.


Another one of the best trading articles I read this past year was written by Michael Cohen. His focus is on technical analysis instead of just the stock market itself. I don’t think he focuses on the stock market enough because when you’re investing, you should be looking at the bigger picture. I agree that he does an excellent job of explaining things and giving ideas for trading. He also covers some interesting topics such as the phenomenon of “trend reversing.”


Trend reversing means that the price of one stock will go up while the other goes down in a matter of weeks. These are very popular topics in technical analysis because they are so short term based. When you get into trading, especially if you’re a day trader, you must keep these things in mind. It’s easy to lose sight of your goal if you’re trading too much on your hunches.


This year, 2009, I hope to do even better than last year. I look forward to reading all the best trading articles out there. In fact, I look forward to reading all the new ones too. This is something that I can enjoy from my own home and not have to pay for. Make sure that you’re up to date on what’s going on with the stock market, and if you’re new, start small and learn as you go.


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