France Creates Rules For Investing In The bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

France Creates Rules For Investing In The bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Briton Study Centre of Athens (BCTCE) has successfully tested the new BTC crypto coin trading platform. The results were impressive and a breakthrough came when the members of the cryptocoin exchange made their first transaction. This marks the dawn of the Greek government’s long-awaited and much anticipated Cryptocurrency Exchange. In the coming days and months, we can expect that this will be the biggest and earliest launch of exchange in the entire history of mankind. It will open up doors to a completely new world where people’s identities, private and corporate wealth will be traded openly on the Global Financial Market.

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The BTC-E Cryptocurrency Exchange was developed by a team of experts from the University of Cambridge Electronic Payments Association (U Campus) and the School of Computing at the University of Cambridge. The architects of the project include Professor Emin Gunawan and Dr. Peter H. Schwab. These two academic bodies are the only ones authorized to call the shots for the development of the BTC-E Cryptocurrency Exchange. They are responsible for the arrest of the legal and the illicit traders who seek to make themselves rich by laundering their ill-gotten gains through the Cryptocurrency Exchange.


The long-awaited release of the BTC-E Cryptocurrency Exchange will usher in the coming of age of an entirely new world where individuals and corporations will be able to transact business using the most futuristic financial instrument known to man. The news of the project was first reported by the Greece Newspaper Syndication that claimed that the project is in its very early stages. However, later the same publication retracted the report claiming that no new information on the project has been found. This announcement comes just a few days before the scheduled start of the Btc-E Cryptocurrency Exchange. This sudden bout of news may be related to the news that the previous and already now-defunct currency trading site – the formerly known as the Mt Gox – is about to be shut down.


According to the Financial Times of Japan, the United States Federal Reserve is in talks with representatives of Russia’s central bank to launch the second version of the Btc-E Cryptocurrency Exchange. It is expected that the second launch will take place in mid-2020, once the US government and its representative meet with representatives of the Russian government. Earlier this year, the Financial Times also reported that the project has received backing from the Central Bank of Russia. In that report, it was stated that the Russian government is looking forward to the Btc-E Cryptocurrency Exchange to fill the gap left by the now-defunct Forex MegaDroid.


Back in May, the MegaDroid was released and quickly became the top Cryptocurrency exchange by volume. However, the recent loss of big investment from a major financial conglomerate prompted the authorities of the country to re-evaluate the future of the project. It was also revealed that the loss was caused by the laundering of proceeds by the MegaDroid creators. Although the reasons behind the laundering are still being investigated, the Financial Times reports that the new proposed regulations are designed to minimize such incidents from occurring on the Btc-E Cryptocurrency Exchange.


According to the Financial Times, officials from the French government met with representatives of the Swiss-based MegaDroid corporation to discuss the future of the BTC-E Cryptocurrency Exchange. Apparently, the French government is concerned that the prevalence of the Btc-e Currency Exchange may enable members of the public to use their country as a “shore”. Such incidents may result in heavy losses for the French government, especially in the event of natural disasters or other major catastrophes that may befall the country. Thus, it was decided to implement tighter regulations on the use of currencies from foreign countries in the Btc-e Cryptocurrency Exchange.


The new regulations are being put into place so that users of the Btc-e Currency Exchange will have to pay a one-time registration fee, which will allow them access to the private trading rooms of the exchange. Also, all trades and transfers of money will require the authorization and approval of an authorized business unit. Transactions involving the private trading rooms of the exchange will be restricted to the EUR/USD pair only, according to the announcement from the French Ministry of Finance. Moreover, all orders or purchases of EUR/USD in the Btc-e Cryptocurrency Exchange will require the authorization of the Financial Supervisory Authority. In addition, all customers of the Btc-e Currency Exchange will need to provide proof of identification upon delivery of their debit cards. This step was taken in order to prevent the fraudulent use of digital currencies as the money of the owner, as discovered in the past few months.


The French authorities say that they have obtained the power from the European Court of Justice in order to impose the introduction of these measures. If you are thinking of investing in bitcoins and other digital currency exchanges, it is important for you to remember the risks involved in this type of trade. Do your research and ask some questions before you decide to place your investments. You should know exactly what you are investing in. Make sure that the exchange rate you will be getting, in the end, will be equal to or higher than the current exchange rate of the US dollar. Only then can you have secured investment.


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