The BitMEX: A Review

The BitMEX: A Review

Owners of BitMEX have been called a lot of names by critics in the past. But, who really believes these claims?

The fact is that the trading system :

Many critics say that the BitMEX’s creators and owners made a quick buck off unsuspecting investors. In other words, they were in business to make money. But, the fact is that the trading system was set up to make it possible for every investor to have an opportunity to be part owner of their own business. This means that there was no quick buck for the “rich.” On the other hand, the system is free to download.

Unwilling to protect their clients’ information :

A number of critics also blame the BitMEX creators for being unable or unwilling to protect their clients’ information. The large withdrawals began shortly after the CFTC filed a lawsuit against the owners of the exchange, including founder and CEO Arthur Hayes. He and his company were named in the complaint because they allegedly knowingly facilitated unregistered trades, conducting business illegally, and violating securities laws. When the CFTC sued, the BitMEX went into a tailspin, dropping more than one trillion dollars in market value.

Theirs is a very Sophisticated trading system :

Now, it is important to note that there are people at the core of the BitMEX that do care about their clients. Theirs is a very sophisticated trading system. And, the BitMEX developers know that one reason that it was susceptible to the “panic and fallout” that occurred is the fact that they were not keeping their clients’ information secure. They should have taken extra steps to ensure that their clients’ personal and financial information was not falling into the wrong hands.

Another criticism of BitMEX is that some of its features :

Still, the vast majority of people who have used the BitMEX have found it to be an exciting new way to trade. It is a good alternative to the larger exchanges, because it takes care of the problems that larger companies face.

Another criticism of BitMEX is that some of its features don’t work quite right. – for example, the ability to get alerts about currency pairs or trends on the move. Others say that the site itself doesn’t look professional enough to be of use to serious traders.

Why it is important to take the time to research :

The bottom line is that it is difficult to determine whether or not the criticisms levied against BitMEX are justified or not. As always, the answer is “yes.” That’s why it is important to take the time to research any potential site you are considering. There are a lot of online forums on which people are asking this same questions. If there are plenty of people saying negative things, you are probably better off looking elsewhere.

Misunderstandings regarding the BitMEX :

There is no question that there will be a lot of criticism and misunderstandings regarding the BitMEX. But, it will also help if you take your time and educate yourself about the exchange before making a decision.

When a currency pair’s strength or weakness :

In terms of the site itself, you should check out the site itself. It has a lot of great features that are sure to impress you as you navigate through its pages.

Some of the features of the BitMEX include live forex quotes, which show you when a currency pair’s strength or weakness is strongest or weakest. You can also see the current rates and how much the currency pair is worth before you invest.

What to make of the exchange in question :

Another feature is the ability to see the last five or six transactions that took place in order to see where you stand as a trader. This can be invaluable, especially if you are new to forex trading.

Finally, the site provides real time data, such as news, market data and other news about the exchange. This data can be valuable when trying to decide what to make of the exchange in question. It helps you decide what currencies to buy and sell.


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