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We’re in for a scorcher this Aus Day weekend

CLEARLY mother nature knows it’s the ‘straya day weekend, so fire up the barbies and whip out the union jack togs for an absolute scorching hot few days.

And when we say hot, we mean bloody stifling, with a normally mild Hobart even forecast to reach 35C.

Extreme heatwave conditions are predicted to develop over northwestern SA, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, while a broad area of WA, southern NT and northern VIC and Tas are also subject to severe heatwave conditions.

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Adelaide looks to be copping the brunt of the hot weather today, with local events having already been cancelled due to the extreme temperatures on the way as forecasters predict the mercury to hit 40C.

Victorians will sweat through 35C, with parched bushland and the sweltering heat forcing a fire warning to be put in place for campers, as Melbourne CBD braces for a top of 30C.

Folks in Brisbane and Canberra to bask in 31C weather.

Sydney will be fairly pleasant in comparison, with the temperature hovering around the 30C mark and a chance of showers, the same going for Darwin.

Perth has been sweltering through the week but will drop to a decent 28C for Australia Day.

But the heatwave is only just getting started.

Saturday and Sunday are tipped to be even hotter than Australia Day right across the country.

Melbourne and Adelaide are slated in the low 40s on the weekend, nudging the mid 40s in certain regions, while Hobart will sit at an unusual 35C over both days with a heat alert issued for Tasmania.

Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra will struggle through 30C, with extreme humidity predicted, while there’s a chance of storms in Darwin and across the NT at around 31C.



Australia Day: Mostly sunny, showers, 30C

Saturday: Mostly sunny, showers, 29C

Sunday: Mostly sunny, showers, 29C


Australia Day: Mostly sunny, humid, 30C

Saturday: Mostly sunny, humid, chance of storms, 33C

Sunday: Hot and humid, 39C


Australia Day: Mostly sunny, showers, 31C

Saturday: Mostly sunny, showers, 31C

Sunday: Mostly sunny, showers, 31C


Australia Day: Sunny, 30C

Saturday: Mostly sunny, 29C

Sunday: Mostly sunny, 31C


Australia Day: Very hot, 38C

Saturday: Very hot, 42C

Sunday: Very hot, 42C


Australia Day: Partly cloudy, 27C

Saturday: Hot and humid, 33C

Sunday: Hot and humid, 32C


Australia Day: Sunny, showers, possible storm, 34C

Saturday: Partly cloudy, showers, 34C

Sunday: Mostly sunny, 33C


Australia Day: Cloudy, rain, chance of storm, 30C

Saturday: Cloudy, rain, chance of storm, 31C

Sunday: Cloudy, rain chance of storm, 31C

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