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Truck drags car 10 metres down Sydney road

BIZARRE dashcam footage has emerged showing a Mini Cooper being dragged 10m down a Sydney road by a truck.

It has sparked a fierce online debate about whether the truck driver could have seen the Mini in the build-up to the incident.

It is believed that the collision took place at the intersection of Sam Johnson Way and Epping Rd, in Sydney’s Lane Cove.

The dramatic footage was uploaded yesterday to Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia.

“Might have been better off just going left,” the dashcam owner said of the incident.

The video shows the blue Mini Cooper travelling north in the left lane at the intersection.

However, it appears the driver decides they don’t want to turn left and tries to sneak in front of the large truck to the right without using an indicator.

When the Mini is halfway across the lane, the truck comes to a stop in traffic.

Then, the footage shows that the truck driver taking off again and slamming into the Mini.

The car is dragged along the outside of the lane for about 10m.

Strangely, neither vehicle stops and both drivers continue travelling north down Epping Rd, seemingly unfazed by the incident.

Now hundreds of drivers are commenting on the footage on Facebook.

Some of those commenting on the video believe the truck driver was in the wrong.

“That truck driver is a loose cannon and company needs to fire him,” wrote one Facebook user. “Regardless of the car cutting in, there is no justification in the truck driver’s actions.”

Others said they believe the truck driver would have seen the Mini in the situation.

However, many sympathised with the truck driver, saying the Mini tries to merge into the lane at a blind spot for the large vehicle — making it impossible to notice.

“Please hand your licence in if you don’t realise this is a massive blind spot for a truck,” wrote one person.

“He can’t see them, put a box next to the front passenger quarter panel of your car, jump in the driver’s seat and see if you can see it.”

“I’m a truckie myself and believe me I cop this every day,” wrote another. “It makes me laugh how some people will say why didn’t he check his blind spot.

“It’s called a blind spot for a reason. All I can say is if u (sic) stay in a truck’s blind spot expect to get hit but remember one thing, trucks don’t do fender benders.”

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