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The best cheap PS4 deals and bundles on Black Friday 2017: offers going for under £220

There are some fantastic PS4 deals this week, with Call of Duty: WWII, GT Sport, Star Wars: Battlefront II and FIFA 18 bundles proving to be cheaper than buying a PS4 on its own! These brand new PS4 bundles are selling fast though, so don’t dawdle if you see a PS4 price you like as these Black Friday deals are selling fast.

On this page we’ve listed the best cheap PS4 deals in the UK (here’s our US page and here’s our Australian page) so you can find all of the cheapest PS4 prices. Below you’ll find all of the absolute cheapest standalone PS4 deals from UK retailers, followed by our pick of what we think are the bundle deals that offer the best value. We’re seeing prices that rival the Black Friday deals right now to be honest.

The PS4 is currently available in a number of different forms. Directly below, you’ll find the best deals for the new PS4 Slim which has come in to replace the original model with a slimmer design. You can still get the original PS4 and you’ll find prices for those below the PS4 Slim deals. And at the bottom you’ll see deals for the new PS4 Pro – the new fancy 4K model. If you’re still torn, maybe you’d prefer one of our Xbox One deals?

The best PS4 Slim deals:

The PS4 Slim is… slimmer, quieter and smaller

The new PS4 Slim launched in September 2016 for around £259 (500GB) or £310 (1TB). This new model has effectively replaced the original PS4 now. The console itself is smaller, lighter and more power efficient and the 500GB model is priced cheaper than the older PS4 nowadays, so you’re not paying more for the refined tech. We’d seriously advise you scroll down to the bundles further down this page as many of them are cheaper than buying the console on its own! The PS4 Slim is available in black or white.

cheap ps4 deals

The best PS4 deals

The original PS4 with optical out audio options

These are the regular, older, full-sized PS4 deals. Expect to see a few tasty bargains as retailers clear space for the new PS4 Slim. Prices have been dropping naturally in recent months, so if you’re not bothered about 4K visuals (get a PS4 Pro if you are) and are yet to pick up a PS4, you could find a fantastically cheap deal here. We’re generally seeing this model get phased out with better deals to be found on the PS4 Slim above though.

The best PS4 bundle deals this week

You’ll often find that the most attractive way to get a cheap PS4 is with a bundle with extra hardware or extra games. These are the best PS4 bundle deals currently available in the UK – we update these deals on a regular basis.

PS4 deal of the week

PS4 Slim | FIFA 18 | GT Sport | £259.99 @ Currys
Want two of the latest, hottest games on PS4 right now? You’re in luck as Currys has a discounted bundle with both FIFA 18 and  GT Sport, saving you at least £30 compared to buying everything here on its own.

View PS4 deal: PS4 Slim, FIFA 18, GT Sport £259.99 @ CurrysView Deal

White PS4 Slim | Star Wars: Battlefront II | £229.99 @ Very
It’s great to see the white PS4 Slim getting some bundle love this week with the new Star Wars: Battlefront II deal. Not long ago, we’d happily paid this much for the console alone, so getting one of the most anticipated games of the year included for free makes this a no-brainer for Star Wars fans. 

View PS4 deal: White PS4 Slim and Battlefront II £229.99 @ VeryView Deal

PS4 Slim | GT Sport | £229.99 @ Very
If you’ve no interest in FIFA 18, there’s a super cheap PS4 deal over at Very with the console and a copy of GT Sport. As an additional bonus, you’re also getting a code for That’s You a new PlayLink title to be played with friends on a PS4 via your mobile phones.

View PS4 deal: PS4 Slim and GT Sport £229.99 @ VeryView Deal

PS4 Slim | Call of Duty: WWII | Dishonored 2 | Fallout 4 | Now TV | £229.99 @ Game
Game has thrown in some excellent extra to the Call of Duty: WWII PS4 bundle to put them ahead of the competition. You’re getting a two-month Now TV entertainment pass and we’re big fans of Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2, so this is an excellent PS4 bundle.

View PS4 deal: PS4 Slim 3 games, Now TV £229.99 @ GameView Deal

PS4 Slim | Call of Duty: WWII | £229.99 @ Very
Need a new PS4 to just dive into the brand new Call of Duty: WWII? Then this is your absolute cheapest option, saving you over £40 compared to buying the two on their own. You get a free PSN party game too in the shape of That’s You.

View PS4 deal: PS4 Slim and COD:WWII £229.99 @ VeryView Deal

PS4 Slim | FIFA 18 | £229.99 @ Very
Waiting for the new season to grab a PS4 Slim? You might as well opt for this FIFA 18 bundle then as it comes with FIFA 18, complete with Ronaldo’s face on the cover. Sadly this doesn’t mean you get a miniature cast of that beautiful airport statue. Go on, Google it, it’ll make your day.

View this PS4 deal: PS4 Slim with FIFA 18 £229.99 @ VeryView Deal

1TB PS4 Slim | FIFA 18 | £249.99 @ Amazon
Even if you don’t like FIFA, this is the best 1TB PS4 deal going. This PS4 bundle costs less than most stores usually charge for a 1TB PS4 on its own and you’re getting a free copy of FIFA 18. This is fantastic value as the extra storage space comes in handy soon enough once you have a few games installed.

View this PS4 deal: 1TB PS4 Slim with FIFA 18 £249.99 @ AmazonView Deal

1TB Green Camouflage PS4 Slim | Call of Duty: WWII | £259.99 @ Tesco
While the console’s camo look won’t be for everyone, we can’t argue with the value here as you’d struggle to get a regular 1TB PS4 Sim on its own for this price. You’re also getting the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII thrown in for free.

View PS4 deal: 1TB Camo PS4 Slim, Call of Duty: WWII £259.99 @ TescoView Deal

1TB Star Wars PS4 Slim | Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition | £279.99 @ Argos
While this is one of the more expensive 1TB PS4 Slim deals on the market this is a limited edition console with a unique Star Wars design on the grey console. That and you’re getting the fancier version of the game with lots of multiplayer boosts. This version of the game still costs about £70 on its own.

View PS4 deal: 1TB Star Wars Battlefront 2 Deluxe Edition PS4 Slim £279.99 @ ArgosView Deal

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition 1TB PS4 Slim | £259.99 @ Game
Now £40 cheaper than last week! This new limited edition 1TB PS4 console is out now alongside the new GT Sport game. Naturally, you’re getting a copy for the game in this bundle too, along with 250k in in-game credits and a few bits of DLC. This is strictly for hardcore GT fans though really as you’re paying quite a bit extra for the Gran Turismo livery paint-job on the console and DualShock 4.

View this PS4 deal: GT Sport Limited Edition 1TB PS4 bundle £259.99 @ GameView Deal

Want to look through some extra PS4 deals? It’s ok, you’re only hurting our feelings a little. The links below will take you straight to the PS4 console deals section of the following websites, just in-case you fancy digging out a bargain of your own.

ps4 pro deals

The best PS4 Pro deals:

The PS4 that offers 4K gaming and Netflix

Essentially, the PS4 Pro is a 4K upgrade of the current PS4, rather than a ‘next-gen’ console. The keywords to take in from the PS4 Pro are 4K and HDR. The new machine allows game developers to include 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range options in their games, so expect the like of Uncharted 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more to look even better on a HDR-enabled 4K TV. You’ll also be able to stream 4K content from Netflix and Amazon. Want to get the right TV? Then check out our cheap 4K TV deals page.

If you can wait though, better deals are certainly coming soon, especially as we get closer to Black Friday. We’re certainly hoping for big discounts as Sony fights off the latest Xbox One X deals

PS4 Pro | GT Sport | Call of Duty: WWII | £299.99 @ Very
This is the first major discount we’ve seen on the white PS4 Pro and it’s getting bundled in with two brand new games. An absolute bargain overall for under £300 at Zavvi.

View PS4 Pro deal: Black PS4 Pro, 2 games £299 @ VeryView Deal

PS4 Pro | Call of Duty WWII | FIFA 18 | £299.99 @ Very
The sub-£300 PS4 Pro deals are really whetting our appetites now and this latest offer from Amazon includes two new Triple A games.

View PS4 Pro deal: PS4 Pro, 2 games £299.99 @ VeryView Deal

PS4 Pro | GT Sport | Call of Duty: WWII | Destiny 2 | Now TV £319.99 @ Game
A bit more expensive than some of the other PS4 Pro bundles on this page, but you are getting three very new Triple A games to enjoy. when your thumbs need a rest, Game has thrown in a two-month Now TV entertainment pass too.

View PS4 Pro deal: PS4 Pro, 3 games, Now TV pass £319.99 @ GameView Deal

White PS4 Pro | Destiny 2 + expansion pass | Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | Now TV pass £349.99 @ Game
With a PS4 Pro on its own costing around £350 at many retailers you’re getting a lot of extra value here, especially considering you’re also getting the newer white PS4 Pro. Destiny 2 has been a massive success so far and you’re covered for the upcoming expansions too thanks to the pass. As for Uncharted, it’s a fine spin-off entry to the series that we’re hoping we’ll see a sequel to soon. You’re also getting a two-month Now TV pass.

View PS4 Pro bundle: White PS4 Pro, Destiny 2 and expansion pass, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Now TV £349.99 @ GameView Deal

PS4 Pro | FIFA 18 | £299.99 | Smyths
Given that you can’t get a new PS4 Pro for less than £349 at most stores this week, getting a copy of the FIFA 18 bundled in for free is the way to go for footy fans looking to get the best PlayStation experience out there.

View this PS4 Pro deal: PS4 Pro, FIFA 18 £299.99 @ SmythsView Deal

Cheap PlayStation Plus deals

If you’re buying a PS4, you’ll probably need a cheap PlayStation Plus deal too. PlayStation Plus (aka PS Plus or PS+) allows you to play PS4 games online, along with access to the Instant Game Collection, a bunch of free games for PS4, PS3 and Vita each month. The default price for a year is £50. We can do better than that though, so check out our selection of the best PlayStation Plus deals.

Need an extra cheap PS4 controller? Don’t forget to check our Best DualShock 4 deals. Or maybe a cheap PlayStation VR deal?

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