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Sky Q TV bundles will soon include Netflix

It’s a big week for Sky Q; not long after announcing thousands of hours of new UHD content and Spotify integration, Sky has now announced a new partnership with Netlifx.

This new partnership will see the Netlix app integrated into Sky Q as well as the creation of a brand new Sky TV package which will include the full Netflix service. 

If you’re an existing Sky and Netflix customer, you’ll be able to open the app on your Sky Q box and sign into your Netflix account as you would on any other device. This will, of course, mean that your Netflix and Sky accounts remain separate and you’ll be paying the same separate monthly fees.

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If you want to bring your subscriptions into one package, you’ll have to move onto the new Sky TV bundle which has Netflix included as part of the overall package and then cancel your existing Netflix subscription.

The agreement also extends to Sky’s no-contract Now TV streaming devices, which will soon have their very own standalone Netflix app. However, the deal will not be available to Sky+ customers and it won’t be possible to watch Netflix shows on the Sky Q app. 

Though the agreement has been announced, the new Sky TV pack and Netflix app won’t launch on Sky Q until later “in the coming year” in the UK and Ireland. No prices for the new bundle have been announced yet, but they will be confirmed closer to the launch. 

The integration is a boon to users of both services not only because it allows you to watch Netflix on your Sky Q box without having to switch to a different source, but because it also brings Sky’s built-in text and voice search into Netflix. Anyone who begrudges searching through Netflix to find something will no doubt find the integration of Sky Q’s  search functionalities helpful.

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