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Dreamworld welcomes tiger cubs

DREAMWORLD has welcomed two beautiful baby tigers as it continues to bounce back from the Thunder River Rapids ride tragedy.

It’s a case of “grrrrl power” at the Gold Coast theme park after Bengal tiger mum Nika gave birth to the healthy sister cubs just over a week ago.

The Courier-Mail was given an exclusive sneak peek at Dreamworld’s loveable new “stars in stripes”.

Their birth heralds the first pitter-patter of baby tiger paws at Dreamworld since 12-year-old Nika had another litter of twin girls, named Adira and Akisha, in December 2015, just five months after she brought male cub Kai into the world.

The yet-to-be-named new cubs weigh about 1.5kg each but will grow to about 150kg.

Monitored around-the-clock by Dreamworld veterinary teams, the cubs will remain under Nika’s watchful eye in the Tiger Island nursery for the next fortnight before going on public display.

Dreamworld general manager of life sciences Al Mucci said the birth of the cubs marked another important step forward in the global tiger conservation movement.

“Around the world, it is estimated there are fewer than 4000 tigers alive in the wild,” he said.

“Tigers are listed as critically endangered and Dreamworld’s breeding program is helping to ensure a long-term future for these magnificent animals.”

Dreamworld recently announced plans for its biggest spending spree in years to win back the hearts and minds of visitors following the October 2016 ride disaster in which four tourists died.

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